RCS, Billets & Blooms

Paragon Steels excels in delivering stainless steel excellence, with a specialty in crafting precision-engineered round corner flats, billets, and blooms. Each RCS, billet, and bloom is sourced from top suppliers, utilizing high-grade stainless steel, emphasizing quality for exceptional products.

Our offerings shine in round bars and forging applications like rings and flanges. Their versatility and strength make RCS, billets, and blooms vital across industries, performing exceptionally alongside our high standards.

Customization is our cornerstone. We tailor products to meet unique client needs, whether it's about grades, sizes, or features. Our flexibility ensures exact delivery of envisioned specifications.

Choosing Paragon Steels means investing in premium steel billets, RCS, and blooms adhering to global standards. Our commitment to quality ensures their longevity and superior performance in various applications.

Our product line boasts features including unparalleled strength and impeccable pressure tightness. Moreover, our products showcase exceptional conductivity, facilitating efficient heat and electricity transfer for overall operational efficiency.

In conclusion, Paragon Steels leads the industry, setting benchmarks for stainless steel excellence. Our meticulous craftsmanship, dedication to customization, quality, and innovation create an unmatched proposition. Experience Paragon Steels, where products consistently surpass established standards, making us a true partner in excellence.


Condition Round Corner Square (RCS) Billets and Blooms
Size Range (DIA) 63mm x 63mm to 125mm x 125mm 100mm x 100mm to 250mm x 250mm
Grades 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 409, 410, 416, 420, 430, 430L, 430F
Heat Treatment Ascast/Annealed/Solution Annealed